3Novices: Here’s why Akshaye Khanna called Sridevi the ultra-non-communicator

Here’s why Akshaye Khanna called Sridevi the ultra-non-communicator

Here’s why Akshaye Khanna called Sridevi the ultra-non-communicator news

Akshaye Khanna has done many films in his career like Border, Taal, Humraaz, Dil Chahta Hai but he hasn’t received an opportunity to share screen space with the superstar actress Sridevi. However, that has now become a reality with their film Mom nearing its release.

Talking about Sridevi as an actress, Akshaye Khanna like many others described her as a ‘national treasure’. She was one of the first actors who was not only successful in Bollywood but also one of the most sought after actress down South. However, the actor also described that she is a private person.

While most of the actors often think about breaking the ice before they kick start their film, Akshaye Khanna believed that not having an ice breaking moment with her was what he loved. Not only was he absolutely comfortable with the fact that he and Sridevi aren’t friends but he also asserted that he cannot befriend someone without knowing them for years. Hence he was happy to work with an actress who follows a similar ideology.

Stating that she takes the word ‘private’ to a whole new level, Akshaye Khanna described her as the ultra-non-communicator, also mentioning that he hasn’t seen this quality in any actor for a long time. While some actors often find this uncomfortable, Akshaye Khanna who too is a private person wasn’t offended or upset about this.

Besides these, Akshay Khanna also made yet another surprising revelation where he mentioned that he will be soon joining social media since he enjoys the platform. According to him, it is a place where people including celebrities can express their thoughts uninhibitedly and hence it is one of the actor’s first steps for working towards his image makeover.
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